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The most important day of your life...

Elizabeth is pending certification with DONA International, the oldest, largest, and most respected doula organization in the world. (; and with Lamaze International as a certified childbirth educator.

She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, making her an ideal doula choice for women desiring to decrease anxiety or process painful life experiences that might affect labor, such as past abuse, traumatic birth, or relationship struggles. But any mother can benefit from Elizabeth's experience teaching hundreds of clients to use relaxation methods and breathing tools, and maximize relationship strengths to get through challenging situations. Processing the birth experience at a postpartum visit (or several) can be particularly healing, whether very positive or negative.

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The day you give birth is the most important one of your life; you are forever changed, forever a mother.  Elizabeth believes in your innate ability to give your child the birth he or she needs. She also believes that compassionate, knowledgeable support can make the difference in giving you a birth experience you will love to remember. She offers continuous emotional, informational, and physical support as you navigate the normal, yet sometimes unpredictable, process of labor. Whether you desire a natural birth or a medicated delivery, a water birth or a planned cesarean, Elizabeth will be by your side offering nonjudgmental encouragement and comfort as your doula.

Elizabeth Pearce, psy.d. ~ Birth Doula in Northwest New Jersey

(908) 989-0229  ~

located in washington, new jersey / serving warren, hunterdon, sussex, and morris counties in NJ

                                                                                      and northampton and bucks counties in pa

     ​Elizabeth's doula vision is to:

  • Support and honor you and your family every step along your path to motherhood: before, during, and after childbirth.

  • Build your birthing confidence through encouraging, educating, and collaborating on your birth plan, and supporting your preferences throughout labor.

  • Offer you a safe place to explore and address desires and concerns related to pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and postpartum well-being.

  • Enter into your labor space with comfort measures, nonjudgmental support for you and your partner, a peaceful presence, and help with breastfeeding and bonding.

  • ​Enhance the lines of communication between you and your provider during labor, ensuring that you have all the information to make your own wise birth choices.

  • Assist you after childbirth in processing the experiences and emotions of your birth.

What is a birth doula?​

A doula is a professionally trained labor assistant who supports you through late pregnancy, your labor, and the early postpartum period. Research shows that having a doula with you during labor reduces your likelihood of having interventions such as epidural or cesarean.

What services will you receive with Elizabeth as your doula/educator?